Sunday, August 30, 2009

We've been doing a bunch of piddly (but necessary) things on the studio the last few weeks - I didn't want to bore you with the details. But, in the last few days we made some big moves, mostly in preparation for leaving town for a few weeks. As you can see below, we wrapped the entire studio/garage with Tyvek. Like a big present!!

Then we installed all the windows and doors. The latter took quite a bit of work because, even though they were pre-hung, our slab edge wasn't exactly level so we had to shim things quite a bit to get the doors to open/close correctly. Below is the door to my studio.

The stuff you see all around the edges of the doors/windows is called ProtectoSeal. It's a REALLY sticky rubbery stuff that will keep any water from getting inside the walls around the openings. The three windows you see below are along the back of the building, my north facing studio wall. I will stand near the nearest two windows to paint, as you'll see in future photos.

We had some roving teenagers recently in the middle of the night caught siphoning gas and stealing tools from neighbors, so we took precautions and ordered a security system for our house and our new building. Better safe than sorry. When we return from Germany we'll get started on the siding, and then the inside!