Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pretty in Pink & White

My husband spent 2 days last week putting in the insulation in my studio. We decided to hire someone to do the drywall and floating/taping/texturizing because we've never done it before and figured it would take forever (where it's taking these guys 3 days!!!). We're just having it done in my studio (back part of picture below) and the workshop/garage ceiling (front part). We will do the rest ourselves.

Here are a few pictures before the sheetrock. I loved the pink insulation and the blue (tarp, outside) color combination!

Below is the wall of my studio with a hole for an a/c unit. It's illegal to build a space in Texas without one. Ok, I'm lying - my parents have lived here for many years without a/c - but they are tougher than I am.

Here are the guys today putting sheetrock on the ceiling of the workshop/garage. These guys are very good. If you need good dry wall guys in the Austin area I would highly recommend them.

Below are the 3 north light windows in my studio, with the sheetrock installed all around. You can sort of see our shed outside the window and I'm thinking it may be a problem in terms of reflected light. I'm seriously considering painting it gray.

Tomorrow they will start floating and taping. They MIGHT be done tomorrow - we're not sure yet. After that we will paint, hook up the electric, install some lights/fans/stuff, build some shelves, and I'm so in there. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to it!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Juice it Up

My husband has been installing all the electrical stuff for my studio. He had to drill a bunch of holes through the studs, and then string the heavy yellow wire all around, connecting the outlets. The metal plates are where we had several studs close together and couldn't drill a hole - instead we chiselled out a chanel. The plates are to prevent anyone from accidentally drilling/nailing into the wire once the wall is done. I'll have 10 outlets in my space! Apparently you can have too few, but never too many. We'll have 5 circuits between the studio and the workshop/garage, with 20 amps per circuit.

The next step is insulation for the walls, which my husband is being super safe with. He's wearing an air mask and being really careful with ventilation and not wearing the same clothes inside the house. Fiberglass is nasty stuff.
After that we've got just a few little details to attend to, then we're moving everything out before the drywall crew comes on Tuesday. Besides the slab, this is the only other thing we're paying someone else to do. Why? Because honestly we don't want to do it, and this way I can move in faster! : )