Saturday, February 13, 2010

Juice it Up

My husband has been installing all the electrical stuff for my studio. He had to drill a bunch of holes through the studs, and then string the heavy yellow wire all around, connecting the outlets. The metal plates are where we had several studs close together and couldn't drill a hole - instead we chiselled out a chanel. The plates are to prevent anyone from accidentally drilling/nailing into the wire once the wall is done. I'll have 10 outlets in my space! Apparently you can have too few, but never too many. We'll have 5 circuits between the studio and the workshop/garage, with 20 amps per circuit.

The next step is insulation for the walls, which my husband is being super safe with. He's wearing an air mask and being really careful with ventilation and not wearing the same clothes inside the house. Fiberglass is nasty stuff.
After that we've got just a few little details to attend to, then we're moving everything out before the drywall crew comes on Tuesday. Besides the slab, this is the only other thing we're paying someone else to do. Why? Because honestly we don't want to do it, and this way I can move in faster! : )


  1. ok - it looks like it's really coming along...but i'm still harping about your safety glasses!!! - your eyes are way too precious! i'll bet you're so happy to be moving in soon!!! happy valentine's day to you and yours!!!

  2. Carol, I'm building a house and am lucky to get a large upstairs room with a bank of windows with northern light. What kind of lighting should I be providing in the room? And do you have your canvas facing the windows?

  3. Thanks, Susie!

    Marcia, I use a daylight balanced (or as close as I can get) florescent directly above my easel. I've used it for years, and now I'll have my windows to supplement that, but I don't count on it helping a whole lot. As far as I can see, the best way to orient the canvas is perpendicular to the windows. The idea is to have enough light, without glare. If you face the canvas towards the windows, or if you have lights behind you, you get lots of glare. That's my take anyway. Congrats on your new house & studio!!!

  4. My own studio was always one of my dreams. Now that I have it, I still pinch myself. So happy for you that it's finally happening for you. Congrats! ps - glad your husband was super careful with the insulation, nasty stuff all the way around, but it does it's job nicely.

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