Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trusses shmusses

So, after finishing the framing for the walls, squaring them, and putting the top plates on ... top, we had the trusses delivered (below).

My parents were here for a couple of days this weekend and my dad helped my husband put up ALL the trusses while my mom and I and Jacob hung out and went to thrift stores. : ) They started by putting the first one up on top of the 9ft walls, upside down.

Then they turned it over and fixed it in place. That's my dad (below).

Here's the view from my end of the building.

Here they are putting up the second truss:

They had a whole system going.

Here's my dad securing the third one.

Like I said they got them all up ... I post more pictures later.


  1. Wow - they're working hard; at least it hasn't been too hot. Did you already stain the concrete floor? I love the color!!

  2. Johnnie- The stain on the floor is a loooong story, and I'll wait until the legal proceedings are over before I talk about it. : ) -Carol

  3. How exciting and wonderful that both of your parents can be close to you like they are. Having dad and hubby working together is precious.
    Looking great!