Sunday, April 26, 2009

New recruits

My parents were kind enough to come down this weekend and help us out with our garage/studio. It mostly consisted of my dad helping to frame and my mom watching Jacob while I slept. : ) Thanks guys!!! This is my dad...

While I've been out of commission these last few days (due to poison oak) David has been putting up more sections of wall every night when he gets home from work (bless him). Today the big task was to construct and raise the heavy section for the garage door (below).

Here we are leveraging the wall over the bolts that are stuck in the cement.

And here my dad is putting in the last few screws that are temporarily, along with braces everywhere, holding it all up and together.

Next we'll be putting the rest of the wall sections up and then (the hard part) getting the trusses up for the roof.