Monday, December 21, 2009

Siding - So Many Sides!

Well, we've had A LOT going on the past few months, and while we sneak in studio building here and there, we've had long stretches of it languishing. Unfortunately. My husband's birth-father in Germany went into the hospital and isn't expected to get better, so my husband went to visit them right after we got home from Sedona earlier this month. He is getting home tomorrow, which I am VERY glad about. Not only because he can get back to work on my studio. : )

Before he left we had gotten pretty far on the siding. We're using hardiplank, which is fiber cement. It lasts much much longer than wood, doesn't need to be painted as often, and is way more fire resistant. The downside, it takes freakin' forever to hang!! We're using it to trim the windows and doors too - see below.

We bought our first load from McCoys then realized we could get it A LOT cheaper at Home Depot (for the exact same thing). Unfortunately the new load was ... yellow. So now we have a multi-color building. But, we always intended to paint it - the panels only have a primer on them anyway.

Here is a bonus photo of my cutie pie husband (I haven't seen him myself in 12 days!), from before he left, in his cold-weather work clothes, contemplating what to do next.

Our new estimate for completion is February. We've still got a lot of work to do on the inside.


  1. Pretty impressive! I went way back to the beginning. Are you throwing a large party when it's finished?
    The day's are getting longer beginning tomorrow, therefore more daylight to work on the studio. Happy Solstice!

  2. Hi Carol. Your building project is looking good. I especially like the varigated siding! :-) Paint is a good thing! What can you do? My wife & I built my studio and sometimes what was delivered wasn't near what we had ordered at the store! Sorry to read about your husband's father.

    Ken B.

  3. The downside to fiber cement siding is its weight and the difficulty in cutting the boards. But those difficulties far outweigh the benefits which are its durability and resistance against harsh elements. And its clean design is perfect for your simple home.

  4. How's your siding now, Carol? Despite having different colors, I can see that it worked out pretty well for you. It's like having a cool design that was completely unintended. Your Hubby did a pretty great job; just remember to check those sidings after having bad weather to repair some parts. Thanks for sharing!

    Saundra Wordlaw @ Ports Mouth Area Roofing

  5. Fiber cement is a great choice! Though I'm sure you've experienced difficulty in installing them since they're really heavy and very fragile. Its almost three years now. I hope your siding is still working at its best.