Monday, February 16, 2009

It starts with a misunderstanding

Well, apparently I heard wrong and they aren't pouring concrete today, they're laying out the forms today. Heh heh. They'll pour toward the end of the week.

Let me explain here that the structure we are building is going to be a garage and a studio. They won't share any space - the garage will be in "front" and the studio will be in "back", where I will get more north light. The whole thing is 40'x18', and my studio will be 16'x18'.

Here is a photo of the space next to the house where the building will be.

Here it is again after the side and back forms were put in.

And here's colorful pile of wood the workers left behind that I couldn't resist photographing. : )


  1. How awesomely exciting! You are living the dream. Or at least my dream.
    Hope it all goes smoothly!

  2. I know you are excited! Love any in-process pics you share...and the arty-chokie is great...

  3. Holy Guacomole. At first I thought that the whole thing was the studio. Then I read more. This is going to be fantastic.

  4. Carol, this will be great for you! And I predict that within 5 years you will also take over the garage part as well... lol

  5. It's going to be huge! I am happy for you and excited about it (I can't help it...)

  6. Hi Carol, the dream of a studio! I'm excited for you. very cool and really huge! mo

  7. That is so awesome! You're going to have a wonderful studio. Good size, great lighting, great view it looks like too.

    I liked your photo of the colorful pieces of wood. It strikes me your construction blokes are being frugal and using recycled wood for those forms, another good thing about the whole project. There's no need to paint timbers bright turquoise if you're just going to build a form with them, but if you tear down sheds and things the wood's still usable. Way cool.

    Will you be drawing or impressing something into the slab when it gets poured? I would, it'd be too cool to put something in -- initials, my cat's footprint, my hand, maybe a design or some short note to future archaeologists about what the structure was.

    Robert from

  8. Hi Carol, everytime I open my computer I can't wait to see what you have to share with all of us. The paintings are always inspiring, and I love your keeping everyone posted on what is happening in your life.

    Your little boy is adorable. Have you done any paintings of him yet. What a subject.!!

    I too thought the pile of wood was very interesting. It's amazing all the things that you find for subject matter. I'm always looking for the large picture and you show me that the small things around your house are just as interesting. Lori

  9. Hi, Carol, I thought I ought to introduce myself as I had been watching your daily paintings and your blog on the studio for quite awhile. I can imagine how exciting it is! I also paint (both watercolors and oil) but it's more at the hobby level. I hope to do more of it professionally when I retire from the government in a few years. Anyway, my husband is building a mini garage under our huge deck and he's doing it all by himself including laying out the concrete floor! He's quite a handyman and has a knack for doing things like this right from the start (hopefully!). Anyway, I enjoy reading what you're doing and keep up the good work! Marilyn from Virginia

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  11. Hi Carol,

    I recently discovered your art and now I discovered your project of building a studio. I have to say I am so jealous. This is wonderful, a dream come true for any artist.

    Will you be giving workshops in your new space?

    I have a few blogs for art, most sadly neglected of late: www.

  12. Thanks for the support you guys! I know it doesn't look like much yet, but as artists, we can all use our imagination. : )

    Laurel, no, unfortunately my space won't be large enough to teach in. The front part will be a garage/woodshop and the back part (16'x18') will be my studio. Big enough for me and all my stuff but not much else. : )