Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rebar - what a word

These are our slab guys, Chris and David. They are hard workers - man! This first picture is from yesterday - they worked all day in drizzle, spreading out all the dirt/sand and making it flat. They were very good about humoring Jacob who talked to them constantly from the window.

Today they put a ton of reinforcing rebar on top in preparation for the concrete tomorrow! I will be heading to the airport in the afternoon so my husband will be taking pictures for the blog. After the concrete is poured it'll have to sit for a while to cure.


  1. This will be fun to watch the progress. I just wanted to comment on your surroundings - looks like you have a beautiful spot. It's so wooded - I never picture Texas as looking like that! It looks like our Minnesota woods. Although if it were, there would be snow on the ground. congratulations on the new home and studio.