Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little slab'l do ya

First this big dog pulled into our driveway:

Jacob loved it! Then they started pouring the concrete, which was much rockier than I thought it would be, and all the guys started shoveling it around and spreading it out.

Then they got a big stick and levelled it out.

Then they got a special kind of stick, called a screed, to smooth it out. This also made the big rocks sink to the bottom and the finer stuff move the top.

Then they threw some brown coloring on (for looks) and smoothed it all out some more. Once fairly dry and hard, they got on hands and knees and created some sweeping texture (for effect). They thought we were awful silly to ask for a perty slab, but there you go. : )

Now we're going to hurry up and wait for our slab to cure. Meanwhile we've got 50 billion other things to do ...


  1. I love watching other people working. The slab looks great!

  2. Oh, too exciting Carol!! Thank your husband-- I can't wait to see the finished studio, lucky girl!

  3. Wow! Such progress! Your new studio will be ready in no time! Congratulations! Can hardly wait to see more!

  4. It's so much fun watching the progress of your construction project - a reality show I just can't miss! Can't wait to see the finished studio.

  5. Your son could be a foot model. He has perfect toes. Cute!