Monday, April 20, 2009

First Wall (section) Up!

Well, this may not look very impressive, but it was HARD! When they poured the slab they put in some bolts along the edges that stick out a couple of inches (you can see a couple in the photo on the front part of the slab, to the right). We had to drill holes for these to fit in, along the bottom of this wall section, in exactly the right spots, and then lift all 16 feet (9 ft high) of it into place so the bolts fit into the holes. It took some manouvering, but David and I did it by ourselves. Only to realize we'd forgotten the plastic stuff that goes underneath. So we had to take it down and do it all over again. But it's up and steady and man are we proud of ourselves! On to the next section ...


  1. You should be incredibly proud! I think it's awesome you're doing this yourselves. Sos very cool.

  2. I plan to build a studio at the end of my garden in a few years time. Thanks for the insiders view of what it would be like to do it yourself!! I have an open mind at present as to what sort of materials and process I might use. It will be interesting to see whether, after a few months of following your blog, my mind is quite so open!! I'm very envious of all your lucky "kids" each time you post about a workshop you have run... and I am always excited when I receive a post from you with another beautiful little image. I'm your number 1 Australian fan and one of these days I hope to have one of your paintings on my wall!!

  3. so how many trees have you planted in compensation for all that wood :D

  4. When it all finished, the two of you will be filled with a great sense of accomplishment, let alone all of the learning that is going into this project.
    Stay patient...........

  5. This is very exciting and the hubby is an angel for doing this studio for you. Very Exciting!
    Looking forward to the bathroom/office photo ;)