Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Load Delivered

Today this big ol' truck drove into our yard and unloaded all the wood we'll need to get started with the wall framing. We are going with McCoy's because of the FABULOUS service!

Because it's been raining a lot the last few days we put most of the wood on the slab so it doesn't get moldy on the ground. We're going to get buff fast from lifting all this wood!

We "stickered" this stack (below), which basically means we spaced it out so it'll get dry faster.

Below is Jacob showing me exactly how to work the measuring tape.

I kept asking if there was anything I could do and David kept saying "umm, not right now," so while I went inside and painted David laid out the first section of wall. We are going to do each 40' side in 3 sections so it's not too heavy to lift.

Here it is with one window framed in.

And here's Jacob again directing the project from his perch on the stickered wood pile.

More tomorrow...