Monday, March 15, 2010

Close-up of shadow box

We bought a worklight (green - sturdy tri-pod) from Home Depot. We removed the worklight and mounted a peice of plywood on top. Then the shadow box, made of pvc and plywood, sits on top. Every great once in a while I remove the box and put my computer up there - when I want to paint from a photo. The dimensions of the box can be just about anything, but mine is around 2' cubed. It's a little wider than it is deep, but not by much. To attach the plywood to the box we used quick ties - as seen below.

Over the box I put a white sheet (allows the light to bounce around inside, lightening up the shadows a bit) and a dark cloth over that (so the other light in the room doesn't get inside). This allows me to almost completely control the light on my setup. Some does get in from the front, but so far it's been ok.


  1. Do you also help in all the hard work :D
    Its coming up so well.

  2. I do love this rig and hope to construct something like it.
    Your studio is so awesome and I just love the shelves of still life props. I'm thrilled for you!

  3. Carol, Wow!! I am so impressed! Thank you for sharing all of this! You must be so excited! I am even excited just seeing the photos! This is a dream studio come true! Just fantastic, and absolutely perfect! Best wishes for lots of great things to happen here! Enjoy!!

  4. I love this too - but I have to devise a way to construct it using only rubber cement, exact-o blade and a can opener - no one will let me borrow a chain saw, or whatever it would be I would need to make this.

  5. I really love seeing your new studio come together, Carol!! My husband and I purchased a small camp adjacent to our home last year (we're lakefront, too!), and our plans is to convert the 2-bedroom structure into my own office and studio.

    Seeing your progress is really inspiring!! Now it's making me want to move into mine right away!! :)

  6. love your version of a light box. Mine is the same measurements as yours and is mounted on what looks like a bird stand[ home made] The box has one side, a back, and a removable roof........all facing the window with north light. Best wishes with your studio. love your work. Dee .