Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paint and Juice

While I was away in California teaching, my husband did an amazing amount of work on the studio. To start with, he primed and painted the walls. I chose an off-white because I'm going to have a ton of stuff on the walls (shelves, etc) and decided as long as it was neutral it would be ok. I've heard gray is the answer. I suppose if I have a problem I can always repaint it.

Then he dug a trench beside the house so that we could take juice from the electric box on the house and route it to the studio.

When we poured the slab we had a pipe put in that would go from the outside of the slab up into the walls inside. This allows us to get the juice inside.

Below is the box inside the workshop part of the building that will power that and my studio. See all the fancy wires and conduits? I have no idea what they do - thank goodness my husband does.

Here's a close-up of all the breakers and whatnot.

And here it is all closed up and perty.

And some of the naked outlets ...

And now wired up with switches ...

And now pertified.

And the real test ... does it work?!?


We are keeping in mind resale and making this first a room that someone else might want to use. The main light I'll be using is a florescent above my easel, and another above my workstation. This one with the fan is just for show, though the fan might come in handy.

Now we are working on fixing a crappy stain job on the floor (long story!). Then we will put in baseboards. Then we will build some shelves and I will move in. Should be in a week or two!!!