Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More shadow box stuff

A few people asked about light. I knew I wouldn't be able to rely on window light alone, so I installed a daylight balanced florescent light directly above (to avoid glare) my easel. Today was a drizzly day, so without the light I would have been working in the dark. In this photo (below) you can also see my shadow box with both lights that I mentioned yesterday.

Below is another closeup of my shadow box - in use. You can see the spotlight on the left (in a regular light fixture, attached to a long, bendy arm ordered from B&H). And the real white light attached to the pvc on the upper right.

Here is a close-up of my real white light, pointing up towards the white cloth and bouncing around a bit inside my box (no direct light). I've taped it so it stays in this UP position. And I use a "north light filter" from my buddy Qiang over the light to make it even more blue, because I like the effect on my setup.

A couple of you asked how I attach the wood to the tri-pid. (the shadow box sits on top of this wood - I don't have the box itself attached to the tripod) Hopefully the photo below explains itself. The black part came with the tripod, with holes in it, which worked perfectly to screw the wood on.

Lots of you have suggested my husband make a kit for this, but at this point he has no interest, sorry. I have suggested he make a pattern, and he may do that if I can talk him into it. I'll post about it if he does.


  1. Wow, what an incredibly analytic job of thinking through your "box" and building it. The lighting is really interesting and may partially explain the lively movement you achieve in your compositions--but the other contributors are your lively brushstrokes and careful consideration of value/hue/temperature shifts! Thanks so much for sharing the technology behind your new painting "buddy!" Happy Painting!!!

  2. wow your husband is inventive...must be nice.

  3. Thank you for sharing all this information about your shadow box - it has really been helpful. My husband is hard at work constructing mine and I can't wait for it to be finished.

  4. What wall color would you recommend for a studio ? Mine has west facing windows.